i bet ur gr8

a few days ago i was watching Nichijou on my girlfriend’s laptop in the background while we did the sex and i went soft

  1. brandnoose said: it’s not like you go soft every other time -sarcasm-
  2. togecarlos said: practice makes perfect? i think that works here
  3. cool-ghoul said: Admittedly it’s very difficult to keep a hard-on while trying to process absurdist humor and read subtitles at the same time. For most people, at least.
  4. wingsblockingoutthesun said: harrison what the fuck
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    hAHAHAHhaha I mean you got distracted, and girls will lose their horniness in the same way, but we can hide it. Tough...
  6. boneshard said: from what i can tell its a comedy manga i don’t blame you sweetie! if you love someone and you do your best and you are clear with boundaries and what you want, you are good at sex.
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