yiff-haver replied to your post: “the competitive Smash scene was most of the way towards dying out when…”:
Baby Mango never would have been born because Mango wasn’t big in the scene after this and met his wife through smash. What if Baby Mango ends up being a revolutionary and changes the world. Smash might change the world.

Shiz literally created a child by not moving his thumb in a slightly different direction

the competitive Smash scene was most of the way towards dying out when that match happened and the tournament it happened at was supposed to be one of the last big tournaments ever and if Shiz had baited out M2K and then grabbed him instead of downsmashing at 3:14 the course of video game history wouldve changed forever


this is why i main Marth. this is what gives me the strength to get up in the morning. this is my life, my religion. i watch this video and cry sometimes

this video literally singlehandedly saved competitive Smash from falling into obscurity forever

in middle school i would make crossbows out of tape, rubber bands, paper clips, and bic pens. i made one in sixth grade that kinda sucked in terms of firepower but it had a trigger and everything and the principal confiscated it. later that year i figured out they could be a lot more powerful if you used those ridiculously thick rubber bands they use to hold boxes together at the post office and stop caring about a trigger mechanism and i made one that would shoot straight through a soda can and across the cafeteria. also that year i accidentally broke an ink cartridge all over a teacher’s floor and got banned from using pens for the rest of the year. seventh grade i was trying to drill a hole through a pen casing using one blade of a pair of scissors like a knife and the casing rolled and the scissor blade rolled off with it and stabbed into the table and sliced a neat quarter-inch-deep gash in my thumb on the way. i dont really know why im writing this post

in 7th grade before i figured out how to work bittorrent i would have my Zune constantly plugged into the computer and the Zune software set to scan my bittorrent downloads folder for new songs and sync them automatically which of course resulted in a lot of songs being synced with huge blank chunks

anyways i fixed that problem and the first thing i downloaded after that was the complete Nine Inch Nails discography and i tested it by listening to Mr. Self Destruct and when it got to the really really quiet part i couldnt hear anything so i assumed everything else was corrupted so i deleted the entire 13 GB folder

have you ever felt like reading over 6,500 words about the meaning behind a 20-year-old industrial rock concept album? no? too fucking bad

some guy uploaded the entirety of The Downward Spiral set to footage of him playing COD

i dont have the audio editing skills to pull this off but imagine I Miss You with the back instrumental replaced by a slowed-down version of the Downward Spiral motif

ive had the pitch Mark Hoppus sings “hello there” at the beginning of I Miss You stuck in my head for the last few days. not the words or the drums or guitar or anything just the pitch he delivers it in

Anonymous asked: Men can be feminists dude. Educate urself.

by saying men can be feminists youre ignoring what a lot of women are saying about feminism which speaks volumes about the kind of men who want to call themselves feminists

okay nvm im relating to Third Eye Blind im definitely still tipsy



just imagine your crush masturbating to the thought of you and making little moans and whispering your name and jESUS I NEED TO SIT DOWN

i wish id never signed up to this website

yahoo payed $1.1 billion for this website